We would like to encourage you to write to us, if you have prayer requests. We will ourselves pray, and publish your request here with no personal details, so that our brothers and sisters throughout the whole world can support you in prayer.

Please write to:


We would also like to publish our requests for prayer here, and ask our brothers and sisters throughout the whole world to pray with us:

  • We pray for the Moslems in the Arab countries, that their eyes are opened and their recognise Jesus as their Saviour.
  • We pray for the letter writing programme to Moslems in the Arab world, that it bears fruit, and that many Moslems come to believe.
  • We pray for the Christian minorities in the Arab and Moslem world, that they become stronger and more courageous in bringing the Good News to the Moslems.
  • We pray for those people who were Moslems but who have turned to Christ and who are persecuted and oppressed by the authorities and their own relatives.