That is the Good News of the Gospel of Christ that we would like to proclaim, especially to the Moslems. We would like to present the truth of the Christian faith to Moslems in four missionary letters. We want to counter, in simple words, the accusations against Christianity and Christians, which are instilled into almost every Moslem from birth. These accusations are, by and large, the greatest obstacles, which prevent Moslems from believing in Jesus.

We hope that many Christians will work with us, by supporting us in prayer, or by getting involved, by downloading letters, printing them and sending them to Moslems.

Many Christians have asked, "We would like to talk about Jesus to our Moslem neighbor, work colleague, friend or pen-friend! What can I give him in Arabic?" Now everyone has that possibility! Our address in Austria is given at the end of each letter, so the person receiving the latter can write to us in Arabic. In the event that you are in a position to answer the questions yourself in Arabic, then you can write your own address. There is no copyright.

Each letter contains a short instruction about Christianity in Islam, a testimony of a former Moslem and, at the end, a verse from the Bible. We have reduced the letter to four sides of A4, so that they are not conspicuous on account of their size in the Arab countries. It is our experience that the authorities open thick letters that look the same. It is also wise to use different envelopes. We have good experiences with Christian congregations, that support our work, who order, free of charge, a certain number of letters from us. Those members who are willing take a few letters to the post, so that they arrive from different places and at different times. If your congregation is interested in joining in with us in this work, please write to us.

Please find below a summary of each letter in English, that you are aware of their content.

First letter

Second letter

Third letter

Fourth letter