This sentence of Jesus is our logo. No person can say these words about themselves. Who can claim that they are the way, the truth and the life? We are all sinners, and we all make mistakes. Only Jesus is without sin, without a sense of guilt and without an inferiority complex. He also said that no one comes to the Father except through him. This sentence puts paid to claims that all religions lead to God, or that all people, whatever they believe, pray to the same God. Jesus said very clearly: no one comes to God, to pray to Him or to know Him, except through Jesus. These famous words of Jesus invite us to test them, in order to recognise their influence and truth. Many true followers of Jesus, who have come to know Him through the Bible, have already recognised that these words are true. That is no theory, but a living truth, that we experience every day.

This experience of knowing Jesus personally is the single reason for publishing these pages on the Internet. No one can deny the remarkable change in each person who meets Jesus. We therefore invite each person who has not yet met Jesus to know Him. He lives, and the Holy Gospel works through the Holy Spirit to draw to Him all that are tired of sin and who seek the truth.

Many Moslems and Arabs have a considerable prejudice against the Christian faith and the Bible, never mind the Trinity and other theological themes. Our aim is to offer them the person of Jesus Christ, so that they experience Him, not as a dry theological subject, but as a living friend and brother. We are convinced that Jesus lives. He has promised that when two or three are gathered in His name, He will be there in the midst. Over and above that, He knocks on the door of each of us, and invites us to open our heart to Him and to share fellowship with Him.

For many Arabs, that is quite unbelievable, as they are used to take orders from above. We offer a quite different model for the relationship between God and the people who experience His eternal love, love that God has given to us and made visible in Jesus.

Let us now look through these pages together, and ask God to use them to draw all lost souls to Him, and in Him to find their peace.

The Arabic Club.

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